Who Spends Longer in the Bathroom? What about the shower? One has the icon for your gender on the door, but that one is occupied. A survey revealed that 75 percent of all respondents use cellphones while in the bathroom. Baths are less sanitary. What a beautiful view: How does it feel to watch them? How does it look? About 39 seconds longer on average.

Women having sex in bathroom

A survey revealed that 75 percent of all respondents use cellphones while in the bathroom. We like to ask questions — so we did. Presumably, you bypass any that are occupied, but assuming that one on the end is occupied, do you leave the one in the middle empty as a buffer? You can pay for access to our site by using the CCBill pay system. Sixty-three percent of all people admit occasionally to taking a phone call while in the bathroom, and 41 percent admit to placing calls from the toilet. Men are fortunate enough to have a choice in the matter, but do any actually avail themselves of the sitting option? Gerba discovered that men averaged two toilet paper squares per visit and women averaged seven. About 60 percent of respondents believe that the rudest thing you can do in a bathroom is leaving it in a disgusting state. At least with regard to public restroom facilities, the delays women face are often beyond their control. Overall women are much better in this department. The door to that restroom is cracked open, and an inviting light is shining out into the hallway. If girl doesn't take her bra off on the beach, you still have the chance to see bare jiggling tits and even more Coming in at a distant second with 25 percent is looking through medicine cabinets. While women were a little closer to being accurate about their own time, they were still on the high side with an estimate of 12 minutes. Here you will see everything that was hidden before! Ever watched a girl in the door lock while she is peeing? Men almost invariably do the latter. The answer is yes, and the numbers are growing. We just ask them much more frequently and are a bit more eager about learning the answers. What a beautiful view: If you want more generalized information about how the two genders do in this department, you have to take a poll, or at least find one on the Internet. Too many cosmetics and hair products by the sink — Females produce more romantic graffiti than males. The statistics are also close in the overminute category. What if all three are empty? Realistically, our questions are probably the same as your questions. Not many people clock their toilet time and log the results for surveys.

Women having sex in bathroom

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Women having sex in bathroom

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