You can't afford to leave the quality of your sex life to chance. At least, that's what we're always told. How to make anal sex a successful part of your sex life Anal sex is popular - about one couple in three has tried it. How masculine or feminine are you? You'll be astonished what happens when you try it.

What sex positions are best

We explore men's need to enjoy quick, no-strings sex from time to time, and tell you how you can introduce this into your sex life so that both partners enjoy it to the full. How to experience multiple orgasm - for women and men! Maintaining romance and intimacy All relationships go through ups and downs. The pictures are divided into sections - man on top, woman on top, and so on - with a full description of the advantages and disadvantages of each position. Find out exactly what it takes to be a romantic all of the time, and how this can make a woman overflow with love and desire. Hours of downloadable DVD clips of the best sex positions! We've all been told that women don't care about the size of a man's penis, but is that really true? There are secrets to bringing her off - secrets she'll never tell you because she's convinced you know them already. The answer is going to surprise you, and it's something every man needs to know. In short, you won't find a better sex website anywhere on the internet. And when a man finds out how to really make a woman come with his lips and tongue, she'll never want anyone else in her bed. In addition, we cover every aspect of sex you can imagine in detailed articles which give you all the information you need to achieve one thing - your best sex ever! Once you've had a full-body orgasm that goes on for several minutes you'll really understand the meaning of "sexual ecstasy. Best of all, there's one sex position that's almost certain to make a woman reach orgasm during vaginal intercourse, so you can both enjoy an orgasm during penetration. To be good at oral sex, you need to know what your partner may want from you - well, we can tell you! Our special quickie sex technique can provide almost instant orgasms for you both. In fact, we commissioned these high-quality photographs specially for our websites and they are unique to us. The kind of sex that satisfies you both at the deepest level Multiple orgasms are a powerful experience for women, but few people realize that men are also capable of having multiple orgasms - and there are at least three ways you can achieve them. Dating and relationships The art of foreplay - and how to ensure you both enjoy it! Whatever you want to know about sex is here! And it's extremely arousing for her partner! We show you how. It's all explained in detail here. Discover the best foreplay techniques, including touch, massage, kissing, masturbation and much, much more - all described in detail with clear pictures to explain it all. And here's the amazing thing - it's easy for a man to become a truly great lover. B ecause our models are in loving relationships with each other, the pictures convey genuine passion and sexual excitement which is missing in all other sex websites!

What sex positions are best

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Top 5 Sex Positions

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What sex positions are best

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