Despite still technically being a "baby" dragon, Spike is revealed to be considered a legal adult by Equestrian standards and even engages in some the more risque actions the other characters partake in. DWK maintains that she just knows the value of a good bitch-slap when people are acting up. Apple Bloom, life changes all the time and you just have to deal with it you know. Since our narrator is male, saying all of a mostly female cast's lines, this is inevitable. In the "Pony Point of View" recap, Twilight has to give off a lot of expository dialogue to summon the exposition train to the train station. Dude, you need to grow up man, this is retarded and you know it. He says this word-for-word when the Crystal Heart is destroyed in Season 6 Episode 1, but then goes on to explain a concept that no one in the audience could've even expected, especially since the episode had more or less been a straight recap before that. You know Starlight, let me explain something to you; you stole a bunch of innocent ponies' cutie marks and brain washed them into rejecting everything that made them special, but I thought hay everyone makes mistakes.

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He repeatedly tells himself to shut up through captions, after he goes on a long tangent. DWK maintains that she just knows the value of a good bitch-slap when people are acting up. Maud points out that she and Rarity are both ponies who put their work ahead of finding somepony to settle down with. DWK of course, if much to his annoyance, loves My Little Pony and even heavily implies he collects some of the dolls. Sunburst, Spike, Zephyr Breeze, Discord, and pretty much everyone else, too. Twilight's sudden infatuation with a boy she just met in Equestria Girls is explained as the result of her now inhabiting a hormonal teenage anime body, and that it's taking all her mental strength to not totally jump Flash's bones. It doesn't magically happen when you reach a certain age. What the Hell, Hero? All Men Are Perverts: When Twilight starts to worry about if she really wants the responsibility of being a princess, in Equestria Girls, Spike tells her to just deal with it, because it's not like she can just go back to being a teenager. He sees her as someone without any sort of master plan, instead suggesting that she's just really angry at her parental figure, and all of the first Equestria Girls movie is a teenage rebellion gone way out of control. Though still more or less a good pony, Twilight is more open to extreme solutions, like threatening to have Starlight brainwash her friend, if she cannot get past her personal issues. The "Old Gods" are mentioned several times. The reason they do it those is because they want someone to have a private cam chat with them. Discussed in "Celestial Advice". In the second part of "To Where and Back Again", when asked by Starlight if she has her show supplies, Trixie responds that she has a fog machine, strobe lights, and enough booze to kill a horse His reason to explain Twilight's sudden attraction to a guy in Equestria Girls is because the EQ universe at least in his eyes is just like one of those animes where all teenagers are horny and depraved, just in English and with smaller breasts to his relief and disappointment, respectively. Our couples are everyday working people just like yourself who just get off on people watching them fuck and cheat and get cuckold and more. We are different from all the other sites that say they are live cam sites, you do not have to give your personal email, although to use us fully you have to. At the very worst, you'll still end up dead like you wanted, but at best you might actually be happy. Now some of our people will want you to pay them for one on one and thats understandable some of them do this for a living but most will do free live cam to cam Couple Sex Cams If you love hot webcam couples having live sex in front on you in the comfort of your home than you will love us as well. These girls are wanting to get off while daddy is downstairs watching tv. Luckily since this is Equestria, they are free to go as long as they promise the police they won't do it again. You Justin Bieber-ass motherfucker, you must be a fucking pedophile, because no girl over fourteen would want to fuck you, after hearing that shit! Older Than They Look: Despite their relationship being dysfunctional at best, the Mane Six are still friends at least to some extent.

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Totally free live sex tv

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    On very rare occasions, we get to see the characters genuinely getting along and reminding us that despite their issues , they're all just as much friends here as they are in canon.


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