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The Valor Difference

The Valor School of Leadership is a four-year educational experience that gives students the opportunity to have the best of both worlds: a university degree and hands-on ministry training. Not only do students earn a university degree, they are able to learn under some of the top practitioners the church has to offer. 

No matter what ministry practicum students choose: Worship, Media, Pastoral Leadership, Youth Ministry or Children’s Ministry, each student will have a tailored experience that cannot be found in any other ministry training context. Valor incorporates hands-on ministry training, academics, and student life within the local church. Students graduate from Valor and are well prepared to lead in this generation.

The Valor School of Leadership is unique from other universities:

  • We offer hand-picked professors who align with our own values and beliefs.
  • We offer smaller class settings, which means greater access to professors, more intimate class settings and specialized attention.
  • We offer a degree in church leadership. Our degree program is tailored to develop students to their highest leadership potential. We only offer one degree because we want to do one thing really well, build valiant leaders!
  • We offer transferable credits. Because of our educational provider students are able to transfer to most other universities.
  • We offer practicums that are designed to incorporate leadership education and ministry development in an environment where students are able to put into practice what they are learning.