Bruce comes over to me and give me a hug. And if there is a concert series or sporting event nearby, why not pull your truck right up to that? In the attic, maybe the closet or basement. After a lovely dinner out, I had my husband kneeling in front of me wearing nothing but his little panties. Pre-pack a bag with your morning coffee or tea, bagels or whatever you and your spouse enjoy for breakfast and have it ready to go. This movie we watched involved a dominatrix dominating a man. Take them up on their offer!

Sexy ideas for my husband

You can discover more than 50, trails here with some undoubtedly in your neck of the woods. Michael is sucking, and swirling his tongue on Bruce's cock and slowly bobbing his head back and forth. Michael loves being taunted about cum eating, so I usually tease him while working his load from his cock. Bruce, would you allow us the privilege of making my husband a cocksucker? I grabbed my husband's head forced my latex cock into his mouth. His massive cock is not even erect and it fills the front of the panties to overflowing. Exchange New Marriage Vows. Over the years of marriage, we loved experimenting with sex. I orgasmed at least twice as he sucked it. But, when I asked him specifically if he would like to find another man to suck his cock, he hesitated. Gather memorabilia that symbolizes your love for one another. I watch as Michael is staring at Bruce's bulge in his panties. I told them both that my goal was to allow my bi-curious husband a chance to try cocksucking and then assfucking. Rediscover the Newlywed Game! Create a Homemade Spa. We began sending pictures back and forth. Bruce comes over to me and give me a hug. I stare intently as Michael then pulls Bruce's 9 inches of semi-erect cock from his panties. I then pulled my cock from his mouth until just my strap on cockhead remained in his lips. I feel myself go over the edge in orgasm as I watch Michael's tongue flick out and begin licking the cockhead of another man. It was then that I realized that I wanted to see my husband suck cock. It started with creampies. I want to hear you, Michael, beg me to feed it to you! Our bedroom is filled with wet sounds of sucking, slurping as men moaning as my husband sucks his first cock. Better yet- video tape it! Bruce was to stop by this coming Friday night.

Sexy ideas for my husband

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Sexy ideas for my husband

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