Though Molly was university educated and wise despite being only 28 years old, she would play up her aloofness and get Kaitlyn to hit on her and ultimate seduce her. Within seconds a little tongue was felt rummaging through her pussy folds at a steady yet shallow depth. Rather then have the glance reciprocated or rejected by Kaitlyn, she left the comment out there for Kaitlyn to digest while the older girl ran off to talk to someone else. The beautiful brunette pondered her options the whole day. Molly was still letting the younger girl control matters…for now. This season had more scene shared just between the two younger Baxter siblings, played by the brunette Molly Ephraim and auburn haired Kaitlyn Dever. She brought some spit to the front of her tongue then went for a deeper lick of her co-star. Though Kaitlyn started off apprehensive, the younger girl was definitely into the clean up now as she hungrily drank down the liquid with vigor. Realizing that Kaitlyn was still clothed, Molly set about to change that.

Sex with a tall man

Though Kaitlyn started off apprehensive, the younger girl was definitely into the clean up now as she hungrily drank down the liquid with vigor. She kissed the younger girl until she could feel her start to pull away, at which time Molly grabbed a handful of her thick hair and yanked back sharply. She figured now was as good a time as any to make Kaitlyn cum. While Kaitlyn straddled her co-stars waist with knees on either side of her hips, Molly hands were busy working on the buttons of the plaid shirt the auburn haired beauty was donning. Once her large summer salad was gone and the chatting was dying down, Molly excused herself to go freshen up in her own trailer, located conveniently beside her pretty co-star. She had more tricks up her bag then the younger girl, not to mention a more refined tongue. Kaitlyn was a wild beast but Molly loved the effect she had on the younger girl. Molly had no trouble unfastening the button of her jeans, then hooked fingers in the waistband of the pants. After they kissed for a little longer, the brunette allowed Kaitlyn to bend her further over on the bed of her trailer so that she was on a quadruped position, doggystyle as the boys who use to plow her from behind would say. Before picking up the dress she had laid out for herself, she caught sight of her nude image in the full length mirror. The moment Kaitlyn opened her mouth, Molly mirrored the manoeuvre and beat the younger girl in getting her tongue into her mouth first. After dropping the line about being sexually hungry, Molly flashed the younger actress a brief but telling look. Molly was a veteran of hundreds of lesbian trysts and knew full well what she was doing and her handiwork was on full display now. Before Molly could shrug the shirt off her narrow shoulders, Kaitlyn pulled her up for another kiss. Essentially the only times she was thinking about how to bed her adorable co-star was when she was shooting scenes for their show. As Molly watched, she was doubting whether she even needed to encourage the younger girl further. Molly hung back just a little later on set before following Kaitlyn to their rooms. In their arms, they tandem carried a large cake easily 4 feet long and a foot in width. By the end of the scene the brunette had stood from her seat to display to the camera her considerable bust, which drew attention because her C-cup sized tits were displayed in another low neckline t-shirt. Molly moaned in response, especially when she used her tongue to talk less and eat her out more. Molly was very pleased that her theatrics from the previous evening were a success. Well would a tease do this. To help push herself over the edge, Molly snaked a hand back between her legs and ran it up so her fingers found her clit. Over and over Molly lapped at her opening and occasionally even dipped the tip of her skilled tongue past the sphincter to lick her inner rectal walls. With the dress off, the brunette was rendered naked in her bedroom. In tandem, the girls moved back through the trailer in search of the bedroom that Kaitlyn had demanded. Molly went to grab it but needed to push her extremely ass backwards to bend at the hips.

Sex with a tall man

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Sex with a tall man

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