With this pregnancy I was 35 years old and had again gained about 10 lbs since the last pregnancy I was now a size Birth Story Saturday the 8th, following our birthing class! To the OBs credit, she did say that I was not a good candidate for induction--she told me I would end up with a cesarean. Birth Story I was diagnosed with GD at 28 weeks. Things were bad; fortunately they didn't turn out even worse.

Sex story ng mag ina

Although the pregnancy had been progressing fine and all signs were good, she was treating me as though the pregnancy was a risky one. Simula nang namatay si papa, naging close na kami ni mama at naging open sa isa't isa. There is no way to know this for sure. So, not only was I a plus size person to begin with, but my metabolism was certainly not normal either. It was a lot of work, but very much worth it, and I have a whole new understanding of my body and my metabolism. Parang nahihiya si esmi sa akin. I cut the exercising down to 5 minutes after meals So I was put on bed rest, brethine asthma medication to stop contractions! My first baby was born when I was 29 years old. Hindi na kami nagla-lock ng pinto mula nang tumira sa amin ang biyenan ko. Nursing never worked out well. Water from our rich and abundant rivers were emerald green and blue. We had chosen not to learn the sex of the baby and although we both wanted a girl, we felt very strongly it was a boy. May pre-cum na sa dulo ng tite mo, di mo sinabi sakin. The baby did not have any shoulder dystocia any other troubles associated with GD or anything else, for that matter. Nang 3 months na ang tiyan ni esmi, nagyaya siya sa mamahaling restaurant. Baby number 2 was born 14 months later. Sira kasi ang computer ko sa kwarto. And the cesarean talk started I did get very itchy from the Duramorph, but wet washcloths to my face, and a drug in the IV took care of that. Tuloy lang ako sa panonood ng TV pero nasa isip ko kung paano makasalisi, hehehe. If you keep doing that, baka lalabasan ako. Laging gulat ni Brian na cowboy na cowboy pa rin si Joanne. If I'd work on exercising more, then I'd heal faster. Most gd moms are given around calories; some docs restrict obese gd moms to calories but this raises the danger of ketones and brings up whether the mother is adequately nourished at that level. She had been heavily medicated via my induction and then was given formula while I recovered--the staff had told hubby that Elizabeth was hungry and since I was in recovery with no visitors, he would have to feed Elizabeth formula grrr again. In fact, sarap na sarap si mama.

Sex story ng mag ina

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Sex story ng mag ina

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    She said, "If it's false labor, the pills will stop them and you'll sleep, but if it's the real thing, you won't be able to sleep through the contractions. I thought I probably had a baby with major problems and I was in pain with constant fluid running all over the place from AROM.


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