Should Sikhism be listed as a Hindu sect as in many older textbooks , or a world religion in its own right? Others groups count all who have been baptized as infants and are thus on the church records, even though some of those people may have joined other faith groups as adults. Reported sex ratios at birth, outside the typical range of 1. Although laws and cultural traditions vary between Eastern and Southern African countries, there are a number of ingrained cultural, structural and legal barriers that act as barriers to HIV prevention. Data from European countries are harvested from Eurostat and are also based on national agricultural censuses. About 3 million adherents total. For example, James suggested [56] that Ein-Mor results are based on some demographic variables and a small data set, a broader study of variables and larger population set suggests human sex ratio shows substantial variation for various reasons and different trend effects of length of gestation than those reported by Ein-Mor.

Sex statistics in different countries

The law took effect in August But adherents of African traditional religions and diasporic derivatives are currently listed ennumerated separately on this page. Included as a subset of Chinese traditional religion because of the impossibility of separating a large number of Taoists from traditional Chinese religionists in general. Key aspects of Spiritism, or Spiritualism, are widely accepted in popular society in many countries beyond the bounds of those who are officially adherents of these movements. Like traditional religions, secular systems such as Communism , Platonism, Freudian psychology, Nazism, pantheism, atheism, nationalism, etc. For the most part, Voodoo or "Vodoun" is not an organized religion, but a form of African traditional religion practiced primarily in Haiti, Cuba and Benin. In , there were an estimated 38, new HIV infections—down from 41, in Uruguay is among the most secular countries in Latin America. Its parliament had passed the measure legalizing gay marriage earlier in Since , the southern Mexican state of Quintana Roo also has allowed gay marriages. Many of the movements that seem like distinct new religions may die out within a few generations. According to Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, two Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters for the New York Times , violence against women is causing gender imbalances in many developing countries. As such, it tends to underestimate the management role of household members other than that of the person designated as the official holder. Estimates of Santerians include , in the U. The HIV epidemic in this region is generalised but young women, men who have sex with men, transgender people, sex workers, prisoners and people who inject drugs are at an increased vulnerability to infection. Osunmilaya's comments are very helpful. Countries on the Arabian peninsula tend to have a 'natural' ratio of about 1. This segment may be thought of as being functionally nonreligious or "secularized," but this segment is not what is meant by the "nonreligious" category on this Major Religious list. This might cause some people to think the church's figures are inaccurate, or it might seem like we are being harsh to ignore their figure and estimate such a low one. Fisher's principle Fisher's principle is an explanation of why the sex ratio of most species is approximately 1: It can not be said based on Zuckerman's analysis that "1. As a newer and somewhat less organized grouping than some other "major religions," accurate numbers for Spiritism are difficult to come by. A slightly larger number answer "no" when asked simply if they "believe in God" omitting wording indicating more nebulous, less anthropomorphic conceptions of divinity. But a worldwide number which eliminated adherents who are primarily Yoruba religionists more so than Spiritists would be smaller, and more in line with the Encyclopedia Britannica estimate. Despite decreases in the rate of infection in certain countries, the overall number of people living with HIV has continued to increase in all regions of the world except the Caribbean.

Sex statistics in different countries

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Sex statistics in different countries

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    The largest and best known branches of Islam are Sunni and Shi'ite. For mothers having babies after the first, this ratio consistently decreased with each additional baby from 1.


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