Anyone can live alone independently. Divorce can be taken anywhere, whether between a rich or the poor. So any positive cause, action or movement in this world can be misused by a pessimistic thought. Nov 20, In past centuries men had right over a woman and even if the woman had problems in family life, she just suppressed it or suffered it. If any couple takes divorce that's means they can't able to solve their problem. At first place why do we need women empowerment?

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Hence according to me, women empowerment is not a reason of divorce rate somehow it helps in decreasing the divorce rate. In some cases, not capable of settling down the matter in between saas and bahu. The women still put up with all this nonsense for the sake of their children due to social pressure otherwise the children won't be able to get proposals if the parents separate. If the spouse are not satisfied then there is no point of living together. And William Shatner has just made an appearance. There are two faces of coin in women empowerment i. I have my doubts that he is but hey who knows The troll later pretends to know "the truth" and but can't tell on a gossip board They'll continuously try to look for common grounds. This doesn't mean that they want the relationship to fail. At first place why do we need women empowerment? Instead of making women empowerment a scapegoat, we should stop harassing each other, live life with serenity, accept the change in the society, make more love, don't break trust, do more of what makes you happy without compromising others happiness, give freedom to your partner, be mature enough to understand what your partner wants from life. In my view, divorce increasing due to lack of mutual understanding, love, faith, the passion between couples. So any positive cause, action or movement in this world can be misused by a pessimistic thought. But when I say about women empowerment, it has given an option for women to express her thoughts and live her life in her own way. Unless stringent laws which makes divorce a stringent process and gender equality, more and more divorce will happen than marriages in this country. Mar 14, Women empowerment cannot be considered as a reason for increasing divorces in India women empowerment has provided women with equal rights as men but this doesnt mean that the divorce rates has gone up just because of this. Society needs to be more broad-minded and positively accept the empowered women. Apr 9, Yes I think so, but first of all, I want to clear a point that it is better for that woman who live a life in which her husband does not respects her not love her and always trying to dominant on her and do fatal attack on her so in that situation it is better to take divorce and live a happy life. I agree with the fact that women's now express their view which was not possible earlier as our society was male dominated, because of this there has increased arguments between husband and wife but getting a divorce is not the right way to end the argument. Although Nike air Jordan my shoes in a strange color design and new technology, no one wants to Nike air Jordan my shoes are beginning to a myth. Divorce happens maybe because of differences between husband and wife or with the family members. If there is no mutual understanding, lack of love in a couple, no adjustment and patience, it will cause to take a divorce. Because empowerment creates how to educate our family and how to live in our society. Every woman is the backbone of her family. Talking about the personal life of a woman. I would say that somehow women empowerment is a reason for increasing the rate of divorce.

Qoutes about same sex parents

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Qoutes about same sex parents

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