I threw the bag into the back of my Station Wagon and headed to the campsite. I thought I'd not change as I could change once I got to the camp. My Husband does a bit of part time helping with our local scout troop. All I can say is it was a substantial amount of body fluid that was swapped. One of the guys paused the movie and said. The guys either side of me put their hands on the side of my own thong. One of the magnificent cocks was about ten inches long with a smooth purple head, a cock of immense beauty. His no longer virgin cock plunged deeply in my pussy as my orgasm began.

My wife loves oral sex

Opening my mouth I shrouded his cock as his sperm flowed down my throat. My black silk blouse was shimmering in the twilight as I noticed my buttons were open to bra level, giving these young men a glimpse of my firm ample breasts. My pussy enveloped his cock as it began to grasp his invading flesh. I told Mr Monster cock to sit on the sofa as I straddled his thighs. Holding my pussy lips open I lowered myself on the veined beast and began to ride the freak of nature. The tale I'm about to regale happened last weekend. With both garments loosened, I gyrated my hips as the skirt fell to the floor revealing my stockings and thong. Kissing and licking his beautiful virgin cock I felt my next pussy licker take up position kneeling between my long stocking clad legs. Four of these cocks were quite impressive but two of them were sensational. Holding the straps of my garter belt he banged my pussy like a seasoned pro. We all slept well that night and woke up around 8. He rested his body on mine as he played with my erect nipples and kissed my swollen lips. One of the guys paused the movie and said. His cock began to pound my pussy. I was drooling almost looking at these hard bodied young guys lusting after my cunt. The guys were kind enough to let me catch my breath as I stood up and looked at all the cum stains on my sheer stockings. I made my way to the dorm and told them to come through one at a time and they could do me all night. The young handsome man placed his cock at my open as he plunged his phallic perfection deep inside my cum filled cunt. I looked like a well fucked slut, which is exactly what I was. This young cock filled as much as any cock had filled me stretching me almost to my limit, orgasm after orgasm gushed through my body, heightening my sexual arousal to an all time high. My hips rose to meet his as I rode this magnificent specimen and claimed his virginity. I moaned somewhat in having to drive out to the forest and babysit a bunch of kids, he said they were young men but the law required that adult supervision was required and he'd make it up to me if I stayed the night with them. This particular event was the last jamboree before the guys went off to college, so they must all have been around eighteen years old. My intention was to take these hard young cocks and teach them how to fuck a woman properly. Give me your seed! I took another swig of beer as my new lover continued to thrust away.

My wife loves oral sex

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My wife loves oral sex

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