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Media Ministry

Ministry training is a life-long learning pursuit in which you are continually learning and growing as a leader. As such, we have built a program in which each student learns a set of core practicums, but also goes through an intentional and strategic process of skill development for their respective area of calling. This is designed to be a four year process in which students are developing and deepening their skills as a leader.

Core Practicums:

  • Identifying Your Spiritual Gifts
  • Identifying Your Personality Type
  • Introduction to Valor School of Leadership
  • Introduction to Griffin First Assembly

Year 1 Discover:

  • Introduction to Film & TV Ministry
  • Studio Camera Operation
  • Location Camera Operation
  • Digital Video Editing Fundamentals

Year 2 Deepen:

  • Advanced Location Camera Operation
  • Advanced Digital Video Editing Techniques
  • Location Audio Recording
  • Location Audio/Video Setup

Year 3 Develop:

  • Audio Engineering
  • Stage Lighting
  • Visual Design for Video
  • Graphic Design

Year 4 Deploy:

  • Equipping Volunteers & Teams
  • Production Management (Engineering)
  • Advanced Graphic Design
  • Advanced Audio Engineering