Similarly owt is Yorkshire for anything. For example a street trader might bung something in for free if you pay cash right now! Best way to get a Brit to dance that I know! It is also shortened further to "sweet F A". This is particularly useful when driving. Arse about face - This means you are doing something back to front. John Thomas - Yet another word for a blokes willy! Dimwit - Someone a bit on the dim side. For example a street trader might bung something in for free if you pay cash right now!

How to last longer havingsex

Dimwit - Someone a bit on the dim side. Swear - If, in the USA, you are cussing using cuss words, then we Brits would be swearing using swear words. Bees Knees - This is the polite version of the dog's bollocks. Maybe that's because I talk so much rubbish. Americans often think that Brits waffle on about the weather. Sorted - When you have fixed a problem and someone asks how it is going you might say "sorted". Surprisingly it is also used in a positive manner to describe something that is the best, in which case you would describe it as being "the dog's bollocks". Porkies - More cockney rhyming slang. In other words - trouble! U - A letter used far more in British. Do - If you go into a shop and say "do you do batteries? Off colour - If someone said you were off colour they would mean that you look pale and ill! Snap - This is the name of a card game where the players turn cards at the same time and shout "snap" when they match. I can think of a few people I'd like to sack! Zonked - If someone is zonked or "zonked out" it means they are totally knackered or you might say exhausted. The fuller version of this would be "bugger it". You might hear someone say "not blooming likely" so that they don't have to swear. On about - What are you on about? Pardon me - This is very amusing for Brits in America. Shagged - Past tense of shag, but also see knackered. Checking out the talent means looking for the sexy young girls or boys I suppose. My father always used to say "Oh Sod! At seventies parties watch the look of surprise on the Englishman's face when an American girl asks him if he would like to shag. It is used in phrases like "pain in the arse" a nuisance or I "can't be arsed" I can't be bothered or you might hear something was "a half arsed attempt" meaning that it was not done properly. If you nick something you might well get nicked. Blow me - When an English colleague of mine exclaimed "Blow Me" in front of a large American audience, he brought the house down.

How to last longer havingsex

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How to last longer havingsex

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