Well, anyway, try the drink its delicious, and then try the jello shooter, its amazing! The little 2 oz cups are easily available check wal-mart, by the paper plates Mardi Gras Shots posted by RJ They stack very nicely for storage. Jello shot question posted by River Rat About to make or so for a party I just bought today three fantastic new flavors of jello and dying to try them as jello shots.

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They just call them shots because most people put them in shot glasses, and they're about as powerful as a shot of liquor. Even after we all had way too many: Bonus-it does not stick to the cup. This is one strong shooter! I have always used Kahlua. Peach on peach posted by jollyjelloshots And when you go to the hospital, make sure you tell them that you are a freshman. The little 2 oz cups are easily available check wal-mart, by the paper plates Mardi Gras Shots posted by RJ After Bahama Mama shooters it's all the same LOL posted by Kathy I use the 1 oz plastic condiment cups, so getting them out with your tongue is not an issue. Shooters and bikers posted by phxtequilalimeshooter I have also put my Jell-O shots in the freezer to get them to set quicker, not sure about leaving them in over night though. I keep the voddy in the freezer. Tropical Shots posted by Ms. The strawberry or lime shots aren't the best with a vodka that tastes similar to gasoline. The Best Shots Ever in Life!!!!! Don't bring Jesus down to your level. Wouldn't hurt to try them in shots though. Produces a cloudy yellow shot with a slightly white cap. You then eat the jello. But they were SOOO good!!!! BTW - a friend of mine let me borrow the jello racecar molds and she makes them and calls them drunk drivers. Curious about Cream Liquors posted by Lori Loosens up the outside of the jello. Jello Pellow posted by unknown Jello Shots posted by beth

Girl has sex with watermellon

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Girl has sex with watermellon

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