She pulled off her robes, and the rest of her clothes until she was down to just her bra and underwear. She moaned louder than ever as his tongue slid in and out and all around her pussy. Harry was close to coming, and he had the feeling Ginny could sense it too, as she had stopped blowing him. Soon enough, Harry had cum and filled her mouth with his hot sticky substance. Harry started to play with them, his erection getting bigger as he did. She screamed out in pain, and a little blood dripped out of her down Harry's cock.

Free hary potter sex stories

As he walked down the grand staircase, he bumped into someone. Ginny's pussy was so tight, and that gave Harry even more pleasure. Hermione took off her shoes and tights, but left her skirt on. Eventually, Harry managed to push through, a little blood dripping out. This caused Hermione to scream out in pain. He repositioned himself and entered her pussy before she knew it. He walked over to her, and positioned himself so his dick was inches from her entrance. Ginny let Harry examine her body with his hands while they kissed. She slowly placed it in her mouth and sucked it slowly. He stripped down until he too was just in his underwear. She slowly unzipped them and pulled them down, his boxers along with them. She felt something pop out and brush against his leg. What are you doing? She grabbed his hand and placed it on the left one. When she came to a conclusion she said, 'D'you know what Ginny? Harry slipped them up her back and into her hair, then back down into her knickers. Even though she wanted it hard and fast, Harry started slow at first. They came to an old and unused Charms classroom after searching for 10 minutes. She grabbed his hand and pulled him out into the corridor. Hermione wasn't as enthusiastic as Ginny hoped she would be. Ginny grabbed the front of his robes and raced him back up the stairs. Ginny let out a moan into Harry's mouth. It was the best feeling in the world. They stood for a few moments, staring at each other, checking out their bodies. He squeezed some more, and let his hands slip up her back again. Eventually, she got the whole of it in, only gagging slightly. She bent down, and wrapped her hands around Harry's shaft and started playing with it.

Free hary potter sex stories

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Free hary potter sex stories

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