You are mine so I demand the right clean up all the juicy mess from the bodies with my tongue… I am very orally inclined. She was beginning to feel strange, like her body weighed less somehow. God, the thought of what was about to be done to her little breeder was making her so wet. Her parents had kept her ignorant of anything sexual. I allowed her to pass through the door stop and let my eyes follow her vibrating ass , which was covered but a very short pair of cut offs as she walked into the kitchen to greet her aunt. Finally I shook the thoughts from my head and moved part way up the basement stairs to ask just what she wanted. My wife directed me to a place far back out of the limelight of things, more secluded perhaps than in the other parts of the room.

Free forced niece sex stories

Give me the flight number and airline and I'll pick her up. In fact, you will loose your virginity to a dog, become his bitch, and learn to love and crave his huge shaft, and the feel of his seed pumping into you. My hand slid inside of her panties and found the source of that wonderful taste. My upper lip pressed against her clit, and my two hands were now massaging her breasts. Securely in place, her body bent at the waist, legs spread, and her cunny very open and vulnerable, she awaited her fate. In seconds, she was back with a crop top like the one she was wearing. I thought, 'why not' and kissed Coty, who, as my lips were about to contact her cheek, turned her head. It tasted so clean and felt so hard in her mouth, her lips and tongue gliding effortlessly up and down its beautiful black length. She whimpered and came, in a fury of contractions and clenching. This is one of those times. Coty was sitting on the couch while Laurie sat on the floor leaning on Coty's knees. We toasted the roof again and again, then Coty joined us on the floor. Quietly I unbolted the door and stepped out into the hallway. Sarah had bunched up two pillows, and on the top pillow, she had a 7 inch dildo perched, ready for action. Powerful jolts of excitement at the knowledge that she had no will of her own… of having no say in what was being done to her. I watched the news, and Jenny did homework. She soon sat up, and then stood, bringing her new white slave with her. She had once been given the signal to assume the position over a hallway table only two feet from an open doorway to the parlor. Back and forth, up and down, he swirled the head of his cock, until Kathryn in her haze, began to frantically seek his shaft. Again and again Kathryn was brought to the edge of the precipice, and denied her sweet release. I mean animated as both the girls were of French background they had a habit, well it was more a custom of the French to talk with their hands. On and on they struggled in the throws of passion, violently mashing their bodies together uncontrollably, unable to stop, until finally both slowly wore down. Ben came in, and untied the leather straps holding Kathryn to the table, and lowering her night gown, gently picked her up in his arms and the three made their way out of the kennel to the mansion. By the time Ben entered the room, Kathryn was just stepping out of her dress, and he watched as she removed her chemise, and the baggy drawers that passed for underwear. Small moans of delight was coming from her mouth as Laurie fucked her with her tongue.

Free forced niece sex stories

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Free forced niece sex stories

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