It's men who do the majority of the jobs at which you can get killed! Feminism in America has come to mean anything you like, honey. Equality in the Workplace? This version of 'ekwalitee' exists because women feel they need to get-even for whatever wrongs any males have done in the past! Who invented washing-machines, detergents and microwaves? In short, service-oriented jobs that don't involve carrying heavy loads or accidentally chopping-off a hand. Saudi Arabia was the most recent country, as of August , to extend the right to vote to women in

Examples of sexism against men

And, most importantly, only she has the power to say what is enough 'Equality'. Chunks of white-hot metal are flying everywhere, and typically there's not one woman on the factory floor! Women, however, conveniently forget this. There were also plenty of women in the factory's administration offices doing computer-design work, accounting work and the clerical work. Men don't have a voice in the matter. To develop specific leadership skills and relevant strategies for challenging internalized sexism. It doesn't facilitate inter-gender understanding, it restrains it When women die in combat, it is typically news-worthy. I made this site to help balance things! I just listed six all-time favorites! That cuts to the very definition of sexism, but a woman will not make this connection because her doublespeak idea of sexism only means the bad things that men do! Her "battered woman" defense will say she must have been battered or provoked somehow and it's not her fault. On a similar note, my sister once claimed that the word 'bastard' could not be applied to a female! You're not going to sleep unless you tell me what your problem is! Don't get me wrong: How to 'test' her man and 'reward' him. Wouldn't want the poor darlings to get hurt, would we? Men were out there fending-off the elements, the wild animals and other men who were doing the exact same thing in the next valley. By the way, just so no one misunderstands me and goes-off the deep-end: Next time we go to war, let women die and get blown-apart in massive numbers while men comfortably stay at home building more weapons. I said to him in 14 and he still carried on. If we're obligated to spend our lives protecting women, then I say a woman has an obligation to fight the opportunistic temptation to abuse her protected status. Take the long view of history here: She wouldn't accept 'no' from me if I refused to buy her some jewelry that she really wanted, for instance. Women however- they are allowed to loudly 'whine' about anything, no matter how slight. And the best men of all-- why, they are artistic, sensitive, creative

Examples of sexism against men

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If Women's Roles In Ads Were Played By Men

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Examples of sexism against men

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    So, from within the safe zone, women began to demand the right to set-up their own exclusive safe-zones for women only. How about workplace injuries?


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