Also, someone else added it back and I tried to make it more factual and neutral, but you zapped it again. But not entirely sure if they were trying to infer something as they look somewhat spiteful particularly the multiple use of within the space of a sentence rather than particularly editorial. Radiokirk, without taking sides - I'm very concerned you used admin powers to protect this article while being a party in the dispute. I thought it was a plastic cup? New details from the collaboration. The validity of this sort of potentially damaging data is the crux of what an encyclopedia is all about, and why we must err on the side of caution. See my comments at Talk:

Britney secret sex spear tape

Not that it matters. In the days that followed, she received some serious backlash from the people of the Internet and celebrities who found her behaviour a little too teenager-y. Despite being overruled in protecting this page, I remain steadfast in the belief that this is a policy issue, not a content dispute. After retreating to the F. Email Copy Link Copied If you were anywhere between kid and tween in the 90's, you had the honour of being subjected to a slew of Nickelodeon shows. Ariana, you got caught being a brat. Ultimately, they ended their affair and Jamie Lynn married her new beau Jamie Watson in Let's fix it, either by demonstrating "effect", or by leaving it out. Proportion, and blown out of. Even thought the full view has only been given once, it's notable enough that this happened three nights in four different instances making it a pattern. Springbok Nude Girls Hey! Running for 7 seasons, this Canadian gem spooked us with eerie tales told over campfire by The Midnight Society. BLP is being met, but it's a powerful assessment based on WP: What he didn't retire from, however, was being a troublemaker. This sort of potentially damaging data—and, make no mistake, it is exactly that—requires the demonstration of its effect, or its inclusion is to unduly titillate and nothing more. He seems to have been keeping a pretty low profile since ; no news of him making a comeback or committing any more crimes for the time being! I'm not entirely sure what they're highlighting, or what purpose they're serving. Feel free to continue helping me make my points. In a last ditch effort to save face, Ariana tried to play off her behaviour as a reaction to how unhealthy America has become. If it comes up in any child custody case—as opposed to media suggesting that it might—that, too, would satisfy cause-and-effect. But I guess that its her Click any pic to go to links. We have got our hot little hands on a couple of cell phone pics - Britney spears in a. Later that month, U. Wow, Angelina Jolie or look alike!? She can't sue us for reporting what actually happened. Otherwise, I'll have to unprotect. Either way, it's part of a "meltdown" pattern that has been building up over time.

Britney secret sex spear tape

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Britney secret sex spear tape

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