One of the incarcerated Asylees, Mr. After robbing the refugees the pirates left, taking the pretty girls with them. In Nov , the testimonies of the group of refugees to which Nhat Tien belonged led to the arrest of a group of seven pirates in Pak Phanang in Southern Thailand. Miss Lan went on the other boat, and no one knows what has become of her. They confessed that they had intended to sell the girls in the red light district of town. The men were forced to swim to shore from a far distance, and 7 of them consequently drowned. Navy boat 17 remained nearby until January 4, when they left. Miss Tuyet led police to the dock where Samsac's boat was still moored. Pirates searched the refugees and their boat thoroughly, even prying up planks where they thought likely hiding places for valuables might be.

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The pirates forced all the refugees onto their ship. After 3 days at sea, they ran out of fuel and food and their boat drifted for 10 days on the high seas. While the navy boat was present, the pirates were nowhere to be seen. After taking all valuables from the refugees and seizing Ms. We do not know how many young Vietnamese girls and women were kidnapped by the pirates, but we can be certain that the number is horrendous. They confessed that they had intended to sell the girls in the red light district of town. Between the last months of and first month of , Schweitzer made at least two dozen return trips to Koh Kra saving 1, refugees. Members of San Jose's Vietnamese Women's Association, which has been collecting money for a campaign to locate missing women, estimate that as many as 3, women have been abducted over the past 12 years. On Dec 21 they met 2 pirate boats. When the brutal fishermen came to the isle, they quickly turned into savage man hunters. Courtesy of Pirate in Paradise More detail here. Ironically, when they reported the brutal pirates' attack to the Thai authorities, they were indicted by Bangkok on murder charges and then imprisoned. They were terrified by the daily atrocious conducts, and thus many went deep into the wood to avoid the bandits. In September , the West German ship Cap Anamur intercepted and stopped a group of 5 Thai ships that were robbing a Vietnamese boat carrying 95 people. On the 5th day, Mr Schweitzer arrived with police boat and rescued the suffering refugees. In the nearby district capital of Nakhon Si Thammarat, moreover, another group of seven alleged pirates were arrested for taking part in gang rapes on Koh Kra. The author, a refugee at age 14, demonstrated to the international rescue team how he was tied by pirates in the Gulf of Thailand. These are the women who have been abducted and held as sex slaves, either to be passed among fishing boats on the high seas or to be sold to brothels in southern Thailand. Various reports were filed with the local authorities concerning the robbery but nothing happened to the Thai fishermen. On the 3rd day, a patrol boat no. One man One of the few is Ted Schweitzer, a year-old American who, by his own count, rescued more than 1, refugees from pirates -- and was banned by the Thai government for his trouble. Tuyet was held under guard by a man named Biec, while Kieu was kept in another room with Samsac. On the third day, they encountered pirates. Navy boat 17 remained nearby until January 4, when they left. The cycle of violence and rapes reoccurred once again.

Anh anh ha kieu sex

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Anh anh ha kieu sex

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    According to Nhat Tien, the arrest of the Pak Phanang group was made after the pirates happened to be sighted and recognised when they passed by the place where the refugees were staying. Witness Ms Nguyen Thi Phuong.


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